Source code examples

Caffeine Monitor: Tracks user's caffeine level (for entertainment use only) (2020)

Caffeine Monitor estimates the current level of caffeine in the user’s body, using an exponential decay formula.

The script:

Caffeine Monitor has been tested in Python 3.8+. Unit tests are included.

Spreadsheet ETL: ETL from a .csv file (2017 to present)

Spreadsheet ETL extracts data from a .csv file, transforms it into a database-friendly format, and loads it into a PostgreSQL db.

The program:

Spreadsheet ETL has been tested in Python 3.4+. A test suite is included.

Dig, Clock!: A customizable digital clock (2016)

Dig, Clock! is a digital clock that runs in a Linux terminal. The user can choose a 24-hour or 12-hour display, decide whether to play the Westminster Chimes on every quarter-hour or to run silently, and select from a variety of text and background colors.

Its numerals and AM/PM display are constructed using utf-8 characters, and present an attractive, seamless appearance.

Dig, Clock! was written in Python 2.7. The sound files were built using PySynth from Martin C. Doege, and play via the PyAudio bindings to PortAudio that were designed by Hubert Pham.

A suite of unit tests is included.