Funky Chicken Directions

  • Funky Chicken is a card memory game with a twist.
  • After each turn, there will be exactly one Chicken on the board. A Chicken matches any other card. All other cards appear in identical pairs.
  • From the initial screen, you can choose a level of difficulty for your game, or return to the Welcome page.
  • In between turns, you can click on the red "Don't" button to see the faces of all the cards on the board.
  • Pick two cards by clicking on each one. If they match, or if one of them is the Funky Chicken, both cards disappear from the board.
  • When you've eliminated all the cards but one (which will of course be a Chicken), you've won the game and will see a congratulatory message.
  • From the playing screen, press reload to get a new game, or back to see the initial screen.
  • Have fun!
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